Superpunk 24/7 is a prototype in development.

I was anticipating Watch Dogs: Legion. The concept of a game that would let me recruit a rag-tag team of hacker Punks to fight back against a fascist government in a proto-cyberpunk setting was something that I really wanted to experience. 

Unfortunately what came out of it was quite disappointing to me. It's not that the promised concept wasn't fulfilled, it's just that in typical Ubisoft fashion, the rest of the game seemed too repetitive and boring and repetitive for me to want to engage with it. It's a shame because the AI system in that game was genuinely innovative, and something I'd like to see explored by more games in the future.

Or, I thought, maybe I could explore it myself? 

[If you don't know, WD:Legion is an open-world game that stores a database of procedurally generated NPCs that remember your actions and can be potentially recruited based on those actions.]

So I started plannin', and decided that this is something I'd enjoy to work on: I'm fascinated by AI, and wanted to stretch my design muscles with something immersive sim-esque. 

That was a bit over a month ago (I think? not sure how time works anymore...)
In that time I've already made an NPC generator, complete with a trait system that affects stats, polysyllabic name generation, backstory generation etc. etc.

...but that's not very GIFable (it's exactly as spectacular as looking at a wall of text), so here's a GIF of the fun shooting shooting system I implemented also.

I am not a huge fan of precision challenges, so I created this as a basis for a more decision-based combat style: player must choose between accuracy, and getting out the way of rapidly moving mass.

I initially thought about some sort of stealth system so I implemented this FOV shader to emulate not being able to see through walls, unlike in most top-down perspective games. I don't think I'll ever be in the mood to torture myself with balancing action vs. stealth gameplay, but I think I'll keep this shader; it creates a neat 3D-esque effect. Also, maybe it could probably make exploration a bit more interesting.

Next step: creating literally any sort of challenge.

I hereby conclude this entry of the devlog.

- Amber

PS: Godot Engine

PPS: shoutout to ash k for help with shaders 


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would be nice if i could plat right


Excited to see what kinds of characters are created through procedural generation!


nice and rad